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This is where we provide our patients with pertinent information related to their optical well-being. Furthermore, we will announce the most recent additions to our web site on this page. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.
bulletCaring for Eyewear: Lenses & Frames
bulletAdapting to Progressive Lenses
bulletWeb Site Changes

Caring for Eyewear: Lenses & Frames

Both frames and lenses need regular cleaning. The best way is to dip them in warm, soapy water or eyeglass cleaner, then dry them off with a lint free cloth or soft absorbent tissue. NEVER clean lenses DRY! Always make sure the lens surface is moist before you clean, then blot with a soft cloth or tissue. Don't rub vigorously. Never put your glasses down on a table or elsewhere with the lenses facing downward. Never leave glasses in the sun, especially on a car dashboard. This can warp and age the frame and may loosen the lenses. Never adjust the glasses yourself. Eyewear alignment needs special skill; let us make the adjustments. While not wearing your eyeglasses please store them in the eyeglass case we have provided for you. If you have a coating on your lenses such as ANTI-REFLECTION or MIRROR coat, ALWAYS make sure the lenses are wet before cleaning.

Adapting to Progressive Lenses

Unlike ordinary bifocals, progressive addition lenses give you clear vision at all distances. That's because they change power gradually as your eyes move down from distant to near objects. So you get continuous vision without the bifocal lines.

You can witness the progressive power in your new lenses by first printing this page. Then hold the printed page close to your eyes and progressively extend the page at arms length. You should see how the power changes gradually. Now look across the room. The power changes smoothly from the intermediate distance to far distance. This is in contrast to the sharp abrupt change in focus that the lined bifocal or trifocal causes.

You should be aware however, that progressive addition lenses (invisible multi-focals) can create peripheral vision distortion and provide a relatively narrow reading area. While some people are not bothered by this, others find it unacceptable even after several weeks of attempted adaptation.

This optical distortion is caused by the nature of the lens, which has continuously changing aspheric curves. We use only the highest quality brand name lenses, fitted to exacting standards.

If you can not adapt to progressive addition lenses, we will make new lenses in any other style you desire within 30 days of dispensing at no charge. Since this is a custom prescription item, there are no refunds.

Web Site Changes

There are no web changes for AFO's web site to date, except to tell you AFO's site is up and running and all the pages are new! So please browse the entire site at this time, and the next time you return check here first for the most recent updates.


Thank you for choosing our office for your eye care needs.
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