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Your clear vision is AFO's number one goal! Like all products, there is a great range of quality prescription lenses available for purchase. Adams Fashion Optical chooses to use the highest quality lenses from the worlds finest lens manufactures in the industry. The advantage to you, the consumer, is the knowledge that you are wearing the finest quality lenses available. Your clear vision is the most important part of our job.

We will be glad to assist you in deciding which prescription lens is the best for you, but if you would like to visit the web sites of some of our most prominent manufactures, just click on any of the following hyperlinks:

Varilux The comfort of better visionTM
Essilor Group Worldwide market leader in corrective lenses
Sola Changing the way people see the world and themselves

Key Benefits of using Prescription Lenses prepared by AFO

bulletHigh index 1.66 recommended for (+&-) 4.00 diopters of power and up includes scratch coating, the thinnest and lightest weight lens available in the United States.
bulletHigh index 1.60 recommended for any prescription over (+&-) 2.00 diopters and up includes scratch coating, perfect for moderate powers eliminating unsightly edge thickness for the cost conscious buyer.
bulletHigh Index 1.56, Polycarbonate and plastic "CR39" budget lenses with good quality visual acuity, and durability. Great for contact lens wearers using eyewear as a second visual aid.

Special Services

Adams Fashion Optical is conscious about your eyewear budget and environmental issues affecting our society of today. In an effort to aid both of these important issues, AFO offers a special service of recycling your old lenses and frames. If you have a set of lenses you can continue to see with, but you are tired of your old frame, then bring them in to AFO. We may be able to re-edge your lenses to fit into a new, more stylish frame. Lenses from large out of date frames can be cut down to fit a smaller frame, reducing the weight, and sometimes the thickness of the lenses. This special service saves you the cost of new lenses, and allows us to recycle your old frames.

If you have special concerns regarding your prescription lenses, please contact us via telephone (940-325-9441), Feedback Form, or E-mail. We will respond to your request in a timely fashion.


Thank you for choosing our office for your eye care needs.
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